Innovative Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are becoming increasingly more in-demand here in Milton Keynes. One of the most modern window systems on the market today, they deliver a range of benefits unique to the tilt and turn frame. As their name would suggest, these windows are capable of opening like a conventional casement would, as well as tilting within the framework.

With this distinctive secondary function, tilt and turn windows allow for better control over the ventilation of your home. To allow for the tilting function, these frames are also often built with larger, single panel designs. One benefit of this is the near unobstructed amount of natural light that can filter through into your home as a result.

The design of our tilt and turn windows allows them to also double up as a fire escape in an emergency. If you live in a tall townhouse or a property with hard to reach areas, installing tilt and turn frames could make for a smart long term investment. Manufactured from long lasting uPVC, you’ll have them as a fallback option both now and in the decades to come.

Tilt and turn windows

Easy Maintenance

With their unique opening mechanism, tilt and turn windows are incredibly easy to clean. Better yet, they don’t actually require an awful amount of upkeep to look their best.

Eurocell Quality

Our tilt and turn windows are manufactured by Eurocell. They are a renowned and respected name in the industry with a reputation for producing quality uPVC products.


For complete peace of mind, we install our tilt and turn windows with some of the best locking mechanisms on the market. They offer a reassuring standard of home protection.

Thermal Performance

Our tilt and turn windows come with much of the same thermal technology as our casement frames. With this, they can achieve fantastically low U-values during the colder months, with certain upgrades allowing our tilt and turn frames to reach 0.8W/m2K.

These profiles can achieve such excellent thermal retention that’s to their multi chambered frame. Each chamber acts as its own insulating barrier, preventing the ingress of cold air. With the optional upgrade of an additional six chamber outer frame, it’s no surprise that these windows are A+ rated.

We fit double glazing as standard to our tilt and turn windows – essential considering they are often wider, single panelled windows. This glass keeps a pocket of air between your home and the winter outside, ensuring your home remains warm and toasty until spring.

Tilt and turn windows Buckinghamshire

Bespoke Tilt and Turn Windows

When you choose Window Pains MK, you’ll get a bespoke set of uPVC tilt and turn windows for your home. With this, you’ll be able to design frames that unify with the rest of your property seamlessly. You’ll enhance the visual appeal of your home tenfold.

Our tilt and turn windows come with the option of a coloured foil. If the conventional look of uPVC isn’t for you, you can choose from dozens of light and dark hues as well as stunning woodgrains. There’s something for every style of home here in Milton Keynes.

What’s more, we also have a range of handles and accessories in order for you to complete the design of your tilt and turn windows. We have options for modern and traditional properties alike. All are made from the highest quality materials to ensure consistent ease of use.

Tilt and Turn Eurocell Windows

Tilt and Turn Window Prices Milton Keynes

You can get an estimated tilt and turn windows price by using our online quoting engine today. Simply enter the specifications of your desired windows to get an accurate price on any device. It’s never been easier to get a quote for your renovations. You’re also welcome to contact Window Pains MK to receive your tilt and turn windows quote over the phone. You can leave your details on our online form, and a member of our team will be in touch. For the answer to anything immediate, call us today on 01908 828960.

Why Choose Window Pains?

You’re making the smart choice when you choose Window Pains in Milton Keynes. Our team brings decades of collective industry experience to every installation and are comfortable working with modern products such as tilt and turn windows.

With this, you can expect professional and efficient installations, without complications. By offering bespoke builds on our tilt and turn windows, cutting and trimming won’t be required on site, speeding up the overall fitting time further.

As a business, Window Pains has been accredited by Certass. With this, you know that our quality of product is matched by the standard of customer service on offer. We truly value your custom, and repay it through catering to your individual needs while taking a duty of care with your home.



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