Modern Bow and Bay Windows

Installing bow and bay windows is an excellent way of renovating a Milton Keynes property. Designed as a set of casement windows that naturally protrude away from the home, bow and bay windows provide a multitude of unique benefits. By sitting at the angle they do, plenty more light can refract into your house, helping it feel naturally brighter and warmer.

With this, bow and bay windows help give off the illusion of more space, making them a cost effective way of renovating a dining room, lounge or bedroom. They also provide enhanced control over the ventilation of the room they are fitted too. With a broad array of configuration possibilities, you can choose from fixed frames as well as top and side hung options to suit the needs of your home.

While often considered one product, bow and bay windows do differ slightly in design. Bay windows come with a more defined angle, often having a ‘picture window’ which sits parallel with your home. Meanwhile, bow windows come with a smoother design and often protrude away from the home less. Equally stunning in design, both can be manufactured to suit new and old properties alike.

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Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Eurocell back up the quality of their bow and bay windows by implementing a ten year guarantee with each product. You’re protected against any manufacturing defects for a decade.

Sustainable uPVC

The uPVC profile used for our bow and bay windows can be made from up to 100% recycled materials thanks to Eurocell. We’re committed to a greener future here at Window Pains.

Low Maintenance

By using uPVC for the profile of our bow and bay windows, they will require very little upkeep to look their best. Only an occasional clean is required from the homeowner.

Thermal Performance

It’s essential that bow and bay windows are energy efficient. Designed to be wider than a conventional casement or tilt and turn, there is more opportunity for your home’s natural warmth to escape with these profiles. They need to be thermally retentive.

To ensure this, modern double glazing is fitted as standard. It creates a pocket of vacuumed space between your home and the cold outdoors, trapping the warmth inside. Thermal inserts and a multi chambered design ensure as little cold air can filter into your home as possible.

The systems we use are comfortably capable of achieving a Window Energy Rating of A, with optional upgrades able to take them even higher. As a result, your new bow and bay windows can potentially reach U-values as low as just 0.8W/m2K, far better than the average uPVC profile.

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Reliable Home Security

Our bow and bay windows are strong, durable and long lasting. With all three, you get a reassuring standard of home security both now and for the decades to come. You can have complete peace of mind that you and your family are safe within your own home.

The slim uPVC profile is fitted with steel reinforcement as standard. Better yet, butt welded joints further enhance the rigidity of the profile further, making it significantly tougher to damage. Modern locking systems actively work to prevent forced entry from intruders.

What’s more, uPVC is a fully weatherproof material and will continue to protect you in all elements. The profile of our bow and bay windows will never warp or distort, two issues that can compromise home security. You’re protected whatever the weather.

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Bow and Bay Window Prices Milton Keynes

You can get an estimated bow and bay windows price by using our online quoting engine. Select casement windows and choose the amount of profiles needed for your bow or bay set. You’ll receive an estimated cost tailored to your specifications. For a more accurate cost that includes the extra brickwork, contact Window Pains directly. You’re also welcome to get in touch with any questions about our installation or repair services. Leave your details on our online form or reach out immediately by calling 01908 828960.

Why Choose Window Pains?

Bringing a wealth of industry experience to every installation, Window Pains MK are your reliable, local home improvement specialist. A family-run business that prides itself of quality of service, you can place your complete trust in our skilled and friendly team.

We only work with the industry’s leading supply chains to ensure that our products are the best they can possibly be. Whether you’re looking for bow and bay windows or any of our alternative options, you’ll be getting the very best for your money.

Window Pains MK are a Certass accredited business. This rubber stamp of approval gives you complete peace of mind regarding the standard of service you’ll be receiving. Our pricing will always be competitive and comprehensive, with no hidden fees added at any stage.



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