Authentic Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are incredibly popular in Milton Keynes. A traditional window style originally fitted in period homes; they are fast becoming an in-demand retrofit option here in Buckinghamshire. They operate on a vertical sliding mechanism. With this, the bottom half of the sash slides upwards within the profile to sit parallel with the top half, as opposed to opening outwards like a casement.

Traditionally, sliding sash windows were made from timber, and many of these original profiles remain in Victorian properties here in Buckinghamshire. While they deliver superb visual appeal, outdated timber and single glazing delivers substandard thermal efficiency and weatherproofing. Our modern replica options remove these drawbacks while delivering indistinguishable aesthetics.

They can achieve thanks to the fact that we use a uPVC product sourced from Roseview instead. A cost effective yet long lasting material, uPVC delivers the complete performance. You can improve your home’s heat retention and home security without compromising on that sacred period charm. Better yet, uPVC requires very little maintenance in order to perform it’s best.

Vertical Sliding Windows Buckinghamshire

Easy to Maintain

Our sliding sash windows come with tilt in sashes that make it easier for the homeowner to reach external panels. Cleaning won’t prove an issue as it might with other profiles.

Range of Options

By working with Roseview, we can offer you three distinct sliding sash window profiles. There’s something for every homeowner and every budget in Milton Keynes.

Full Weatherproofing

You’re safe against the likes of rotting, mould or damp spots with our sliding sash windows. They are fitted with modern seals as standard and come with an extreme weather pack upgrade.

Energy Efficient

Our uPVC sliding sash windows do an excellent job of retaining heat. If you live in an older property, thermal retention is incredibly important in a bid to keep heating bills down. You want to be saving money while also improving your carbon footprint.

A significant portion of an older home’s natural warmth will escape through subpar windows. Our sliding sash profiles deliver modern thermal efficiency while maintaining the period charm. They are installed with double glazing as standard and the uPVC framework is fitted with insulating internal chambers.

The two combine to not only trap your home’s warmth inside, but to prevent the ingress of cold air from the outside. As a result, our sliding sash windows achieve an A Window Energy Rating and can reach exceptionally low U-values. Your home will remain at the optimal temperature.

Sliding Sash Window Prices

Made to Measure Windows

We offer bespoke builds on all our windows and doors here at Window Pains. In doing so, control over the customisation is handed from us to you, allowing you to create sliding sash windows that are perfect for your home. Our wide plethora of options ensures you can create something unique.

As they’re often fitted to older properties, we offer a range of authentic woodgrain foils with our sliding sash windows. Fitting one will allow the uPVC profile to be almost indistinguishable when compared with real timber. You can make the swap without compromising on your home’s classical charm.

Better yet, Roseview offer a range of authentic visual enhancements to improve the visual appeal of these windows further. Among these are claw furniture, run through horns and sleek mechanical joints. You can choose from a range of optional extras to complete your design.

Sliding Sash Window Costs

Sliding Sash Window Prices Milton Keynes

Get a quick and easy quote for a set of sliding sash windows by using our online generator. You’ll be given the chance to enter your exact specifications, allow the eventual quote to be both accurate and tailored to your home. Get started today on any device. If you have existing sliding sash windows that are in need of repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Window Pains also offer a repair and refurbishment service on all windows and doors. Leave your details on our online form or call direct today on 01908 828960.

Why Choose Window Pains?

Window Pains MK are a family-run business with decades of collective industry experience. We work with the complete range of home improvement products and are comfortable installing in homes both new and old here in the Buckinghamshire region.

We treat each customer with respect and cater to their individual needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle free installation from start to finish. Whether you’re opting for our authentic sliding sash windows or are choosing one of our alternative options, you’re in safe hands with us.

We’ll take a duty of care when working on your home. This is something that is especially important when installing sliding sash windows into older properties. The standard of customer service we’re offering local homeowners like yourself has seen us receive a Certass accreditation.



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