The door and window trade perhaps doesn’t immediately conjure up words like craftsmanship, work ethic and value for money. But look into our world and you’ll see these are precisely what make us stand out from our replacement-hungry rivals.

Window Pains MK started as a family business, and our fitting and installation skills have been proudly passed from father to son over the years. But – more importantly – so have our values.

Of course, these days we supply the most advanced, energy-efficient products from big-name brands.

But when it comes to doing business, we’re old school. Quality, reputation and doing the right thing by the customer – not selling them a replacement window or door when we can repair or recycle the lock instead, for example – are the only things that make us truly proud!

Expert fitting and installation, with costs kept low

If you’ve seen the typically aggressive advertising for double-glazing doors and windows in the media, ask yourself one thing: how much did it cost them?

We’re craftsmen, not ad men. Our fitting and installation costs won’t go through the conservatory roof owing to expensive publicity – and that’s because we don’t need any.

Instead, we impress by the quality of the items we deliver – energy-efficient, secure, easy to clean, noiseproof – by our professionalism, and by the personal touch.

And we know that because satisfied customers tell us so (and tell other people about us too!)

Composite Front Doors installed in a bungalow in Milton Keynes

Replacement window or door? Only if we can’t fix or recycle it!

Of course, we love selling new doors, windows and conservatories, and we’ll gladly replace items too (locks, blown double glazing and sealed units, broken glass, damaged conservatory guttering) whether you originally bought them from us or not.

But often you just need a minor fix to keep out the weather and the noise, and ensure your home continues to be secure. Or you need us to recycle a part that’s no longer in production to keep a handle, lock or hinge in good working order.

If we can fix it or recycle it, we will. If you need us to replace it, we will. And when you want us to supply you with the brand-new best, we will.

Modern Composite Doors with windows in shot from below

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