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Patio doors are an ever-popular home renovation option here in Milton Keynes. They serve a variety of different purposes, thanks to the unique benefits of their minimalist design. Patio doors operate on an inline slider, with the individual panels able to move horizontally to either the left or right on a double track, providing an alternative means of exit to a conventional back door.

With this, they are often put in a similar bracket to French or bifold doors, as they are installed to serve similar functions. They can be fitted to a conservatory, orangery or house extension, connecting it your home or to your garden outside. If you live in a home without a conservatory, our patio doors can be retrofitted as part of the existing architecture.

Designed with wide-spanning glazed panels and a slimline uPVC profile, patio doors allow plenty of natural light to flow into your Milton Keynes home. The system we use comes with a modern track and the option of a lowered threshold. With this, our sliding doors will also be easy to operate, while also being accessible for all family members, including those in wheelchairs.

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Low Maintenance

By using high grade uPVC, our patio doors require very little upkeep after the installation has been completed. Little more than an occasional wipe down is needed your end.


Our patio doors come with modern weatherseals that offer complete protection against the elements. You won’t be affected by nasty problems such as rotting, damp or the forming of mould.

Tailored Builds

Our bespoke patio doors are made to measure by our manufacturers. With this, you get the choice of a range of colours, accessories and hardware for your sliding doors.

Thermal Retention

Older patio door models often had a bad reputation for their subpar thermal efficiency. Our modern systems refute that claim, instead achieving fantastically low U-values of up to 1.2W/m2K. With this, they are retaining as much heat as any other uPVC back door alternatives.

Our Eurocell patio doors comes with a glazing bead that can accommodate glass up to 44mm in thickness. Even our entry level double glazing will do an incredible job of trapping the warmth inside your home, creating a gap between you and the cold air outside.

The uPVC framework that we use for our patio doors comes with internal chambers as standard. Doing so adds individual insulating layers to a profile that is already fantastically thermally retentive. These chambers prevent the ingress of cold air during the winter months.

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Secure Design

The patio doors we install here in Milton Keynes are incredibly secure and durable. They are manufactured using fusion weld joints and come with an anti-lift device as standard. Both improve the overall strength of our sliding doors, making them incredibly hard to damage.

Better yet, the design of our patio doors means they are internally glazed. Doing this in the manufacturing process means that unwanted intruders are unable to remove the glass from the framework, making it almost impossible for them to force entry.

Aluminium locking systems provide a reassuring standard of home security, thanks to the material’s complete weatherproofing and inherent lifespan. You should have complete peace of mind regarding your safety when you invest in a set of our uPVC patio doors.

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Patio Door Prices Milton Keynes

Use our online quoting engine to get an estimated price for a set of our uPVC patio doors. You’ll be able to enter exact specifications, allowing for an accurate price tailored to your exact entry. Get started today on mobile, tablet or desktop. Contact Window Pains directly for any enquiries about the installation or repair of our patio doors. You can leave your details on our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You’re also welcome to call Window Pains directly on 01908 828960.

Why Choose Window Pains?

Window Pains are a reliable and experienced double glazing specialist operating throughout Milton Keynes and the further Buckinghamshire areas. You can depend on our trustworthy installers for a professional fitting of your new patio doors.

We believe that the best home improvement companies blend quality products with excellent customer service. With this, you can expect to receive the finest patio doors while being guided through a hassle and stress free process by our friendly team.

The quality of service we offer homeowners in your local area has led to approval by Certass. They support us as a business having vetted our fair customer dealings and competitive prices. We are fully transparent with our quoting and don’t add any hidden fees at any stage.



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