High Performance Conservatory Roofs

Window Pains install high quality conservatory roofs in homes across Milton Keynes. A conservatory’s roof is perhaps it’s most crucial component. Almost solely responsible for the weatherproofing of the extension and a large player in the thermal efficiency, it’s imperative that your extension is fitted with a high quality roof system. We have two fantastic options for homeowners in Buckinghamshire.

Our conservatory roofs are available alongside new extension fittings as well through our replacement service. With the latter, our skilled technicians can replace an existing, outdated conservatory roof with either of our new systems. This is often more cost effective than having an entirely new conservatory fitted and allows your extension to reap a range of rewards.

For this service, we’ll need to complete a quick survey to ensure that your existing conservatory is applicable for a roof replacement. We may be able to help with any damage around the rest of the structure, thanks to our dedicated repairs team. Our roofs are compatible with all different conservatory builds, including Victorian, Edwardian, lean-to and gable-end.

Conservatory Roofs Prices


Leaky conservatories are a thing of the past with our roof systems. They provide complete weatherproofing, filtering any standing water away to prevent damp, mould and rotting too.

Thermal Performance

The modern systems we use are capable of retaining the maximum amount of heat during the colder periods, thanks to a range of innovative thermal measures fitted throughout.

Lower Maintenance

Our conservatory roofs require very little upkeep to perform their best. You won’t be expected to regularly maintain subpar guttering when you choose Window Pains MK!

Glass Conservatory Roofs

Our made to measure glass conservatory roofs are available as the standard option with our complete range of conservatories. As their name would suggest, these systems are made using modern, double glazed glass panels. These are supported by a customisable, slimline uPVC framework.

With this, these conservatory roofs do an excellent job of allowing light to flow into the extension, creating a bright and warm social space during the summer months. Your home will feel better connected with your garden or outdoor space when you choose this system.

They are fitted with a range of enhancements that ensure thermal efficiency and minimise solar glare. The glass is both tinted and coated, allowing it to trap heat internally during winter and reflect the ingress of excess UV rays during summer. The latter helps reduce the fading of carpets and furniture.

Chartwell Green Conservatories

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Visually, solid conservatory roofs make for a stark difference compared with conventional glass designs. Rather than transparent glazing, these Leka systems are made from opaque panels that are manufactured from high performance GRP as opposed to timber or aluminium.

However, the inclusion of roof windows ensures that a steady flow of natural light can still enter the extension. However, you’ll feel heightened levels of privacy while also benefitting from the excellent visuals of either of Leka’s two roof designs; the Tapco and Metrotile.

Our solid conservatory roofs are manufactured with internal boards, GRP rafters, Celotex insulation and are finished with outer sheets. With this, they do a fantastic job of retaining heat while also being completely weatherproof. You get a consistent, year round performance.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Buckinghamshire

Conservatory Roof Prices Milton Keynes

You can get an estimated price for a new conservatory installation by using our online quoting engine. Enter your exact specifications and choose your desired roof system to receive an accurate and tailored price. Our quotes are always comprehensive as we never add hidden fees later down the line. If you’re instead interested in a replacement conservatory roof or a conservatory roof repair, contact us directly. Leave your details on our online form, and we’ll get back to you. You’re also welcome to call us for conservatory roof prices on 01908 828960 today.

Why Choose Window Pains?

Investing in a new conservatory roof is a significant decision. Whether you’re having an entirely new extension fitted or are just replacing an existing roof, you need to choose the right installer. Window Pains are Milton Keynes’ reliable, dependable home improvement expert.

We bring decades of collective experience to every conservatory roof installation. With this, you can expect a heightened level of expertise, leading to hassle-free and efficient fittings. We also use our industry experience to ensure we are only installing the highest quality roof systems.

As a business, Window Pains MK are accredited by Certass. One of the largest governing bodies in the industry, they ensure that certified installers are delivering quality customer service and are offering fair prices to local homeowners. You’re in good hands when you choose us over a competitor.



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