Unique Flush Sash Windows In Milton Keynes

Flush sash windows (which are also known as flush casement windows) are one of the latest innovations we offer homeowners in Milton Keynes. As their name would suggest, these windows come with a fully flush fitting frame, rather than a sculpted or chamfered frame which naturally protrudes. To achieve such a design, our manufacturers craft these windows using only the most authentic joinery techniques.

Despite appearing to be made from timber, our flush casement windows are actually made from uPVC. As a result, they deliver a performance that far exceeds their wooden counterparts, while also retaining these standards for the decades to come. uPVC will never become soft or permeable to water as the year’s pass, making them a better long term solution than timber.

What’s more, our flush sash/flush casement windows are often more cost effective than real wood. You can renovate your home with new, modern profiles without it costing the earth. Simply choose one of our range of authentic woodgrains for indistinguishable aesthetics compared with timber. You can make the upgrade to new windows without compromising on your home’s period charm.

Flush Casement Window Prices

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Why Choose Window Pains For Flush Sash Windows In Milton Keynes?

Our flush casement windows can be designed to suit just about any home here in Milton Keynes. However, having been specifically designed to replicate timber, we find we often install them onto older properties here in Buckinghamshire rather than more contemporary builds.

If you live in one of these older houses, you’ll know it can be a stressful ordeal trying to find the right business for you. Window Pains MK have extensive experience renovating period properties. We deliver a hassle free process that you can complete your complete trust in.

Backed by Certass, our approved standard of customer service guides you through the renovation process with ease. Our skilled installers will complete a professional and efficient installation of your flush casement windows, allowing your normal life to resume quicker. We’ll also take a duty of care to ensure we leave your home in the exact same condition we found it in.

Thermal Efficiency

Our flush casement windows deliver an excellent standard of heat retention. They boast an A+ Window Energy Rating, placing them among the best uPVC windows on the market in the UK. Your home will sit naturally at the optimal temperature, right through the year.

Internal chambers and modern double glazing work in harmony to provide the complete thermal performance. Not only will your home’s natural warmth be trapped within the home, but your new windows will prevent cold air from seeping in as well.

Compared with the outdated wooden profiles they often replace; our flush fitting uPVC windows achieve excellently low U-values. If you live in an older property, you’ll notice a spike in your home’s energy efficiency when you upgrade, potentially leading to cheaper energy bills and a lower carbon footprint.

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Reassuring Security Standards

You won’t need to have any concerns about home security when you invest in our flush sash windows. They are designed with a range of features that prevent forced entry, allowing you to have complete peace of mind within your own home.

Multipoint locking systems, heavy duty security hinges and shootbolts are just three of many pieces of hardware that are fitted to our flush casement windows. It’s unlikely that any of these will be fitted to any outdated timber profiles that you may have installed currently.

In fact, our uPVC flush casement windows can achieve Secured by Design status with certain upgrades. SBD is a police backed initiative here in the UK, outlaying the recommended requirements for home security. Our flush sash windows comfortably exceed these recommendations.

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Low Maintenance

uPVC is famed for its low maintenance properties. With this, our flush sash windows require very little upkeep in order to perform to an excellent standard for decades to come.


Modern weatherseals ensure that our flush casement windows protect your home from the elements. You’ll never be affected by problems such as rotting, damp or mould.

Tailored Builds

Our flush casement windows are made bespoke to order. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of customisation options, allowing you to create a unique set of windows.

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